How Does Consignment Work?

Consignment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

 When are Consignments/In Store Credit items accepted? 

Any day we are open except Saturday- We do not accept clothing on Saturdays or event days-Drop and Run- If we are unable to preview and process your items, you can drop them off and we will go through them when time allows and email with your statement. Items must be on hangers and rack ready. If you have clothes that we can not use, we will either donate them to a charity or the materials donation bin. You will receive 30% of sold price.

  • There may be times that we are unable to accept intake due to over the overflow of certain sizes, seasonal rushes or space issues. We will always post on our Facebook business page and backroom access when these days are necessary. 

Want the best Consignment/In Store Credit Experience? 

Bring your items in clean wrinkle/odor/smoke/perfume & pet hair free AND ON HANGERS. We have a hanging station for your convenience. A $1 processing fee will be added to your items.  We aren’t able to accept bags or boxes of clothes

  • Donations- We do accept donations in name, in which you can receive a tax  donation letter. Boxes and bags are welcome. 

What season are you taking? 

Fall/Winter- August –JanuarySpring/Summer- February- June

Are there any articles you don’t accept?

Scrubs- Panties, Socks, Pantyhose, & Business/Office Event Logo Items/ Clothes that have holes, tears, smell, wrinkles, hair, pills or altered. Items will immediately be donated.

 How long are items on the sales floor?

 Up to 60 days- then marked down for sidewalk sales, donation or store inventory- (any money raised during sidewalk sales and special events, will ALWAYS go to our community out reach programs. We also tag some expired clothing under to raise cash for our homeless community) Our donation sites are W.C.A, Astegos, and many non-profit organizations. (we donate to MANY outreach programs, tell us who you would like to help!)  Curvy Girl Kate’s is happy to be a proud sponsor of City Light, Nampa Justice Center, Astegos and Boise Family Advocates by donating monthly vouchers for women in need to shop for free. 1/19